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Who is Sukihana?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Sukihana, if you Nasty

The internet is buzzing from Sukihana and Armon Wiggins' YouTube interview. Twenty-Four hours before the interview release, "I'm a Disgusting Person" , had the bloggers buzzing. Let's be honest, people rapidly jumped to this quote because some already had this opinion of her. There were pockets of the interview when she shared concerns about changing her image in fear of losing her audience. She mentioned possibly losing popularity if she permanently changed her musical vibe from her song "Eating" to her music collab with Afro B entitled Casamigos (Pour it in My Cup). The transparent Youtuber, Armon Wiggins, encouraged the Casamigos sound and commented on how

glamorous and commercial she could be if she committed to this new persona.

One of the most insightful things to learn about Sukihana is she created this persona to protect the real her from being hurt. She admitted when transforming from her government name, "Destiny", to her persona Sukihana, she became fearless and unapologetically lit. The last straw of her Destiny persona was when an ex was mentally and emotionally abusive and continuously called her lewd names. From this statement, I had a better understanding of her Sukihana persona. I even imagined her saying, " I am about to be all those things I've been accused of" I wonder if she had the foresight to know this raunchy and sexually liberated persona would take her to stardom and be the inception of her becoming an

Only Fans phenomenon.

When asked about the leaked Only Fans videos of her urinating, she screamed nonchalantly, "I am disgusting" and "Whatever you heard about me is truth." Even through this boisterous rant about being sexual, she later deflected from Armon's question, "How do you feel that people treat you a certain

way?" The response was filled with bodyguard talk and the cliché, "That's the Industry." Maybe she avoided mentioning the disdain for being disrespected to maintain appearances. Or is she genuinely wise enough to know that men will try it due to her explicit music? If you watched the video, she expressed the latter. Still, I wished she answered the question and let people know that even though she raps about sex, that does not give anyone the right to violate your space. I hoped for that vulnerable moment minus the deflection for her to express how every woman deserves respect regardless of how she speaks or dresses. However, she shared other vulnerable moments about her past, what she's endured, and how God has blessed her and her family.

This interview introduced me to Sukihana as a person, and I love her openness. I still question whether it would kill her career if she chooses to flip up her style, but only time will tell. With her intellect and business experience, I am confident she has a game plan to pivot how and when she wants. Although she is currently committed to her wild side, Sukihana is working towards not being placed in a box and desiring to show us a softer side, and I am here for it.

Have you seen this interview? What were your thoughts on the discussion and about her as an artist?

Posted by: Laydie Fluent


Written by: Renita Quirls



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