About Us

FluentRadio WFLU-DB is a syndicated radio station and entertainment company located in Oak Lawn, IL. We offer a variety of services including the ability to start your own radio show or podcast, radio interviews, sponsorships and commercials.

Check out the photo and video portion of our website for recent events and shows that we have participated in. To see full videos, follow us on Soundcloud and  all social media @fluentradio!

FluentRadio Rule and Information Sheet

FLUENTRADIO station broadcasting in OAK LAWN, IL and the surrounding city.Our websites are www.fluentradio.com and www.bossfluentent.com. We stream online to an unlimited, worldwide audience via www.fluentradio.com. We record all shows with windows voice recorder for the option to create a podcast.


Drinks, Supplies, Personal belongings,5 people total  


Not Allowed:
Gum, Food, Drugs, Weapons, Over 5 patrons


Radio personalities:

Radio personalities are the backbone of our station. Without content radio personalities we wouldn’t have such an amazing station! Radio personalities or “RP’s” are leasing time on our station. They are acting clients. RP’s have the option to acquire radio commercials and sponsors for their shows. They are also allowed to have guests on their show.


If a guest uses illegal language on a particular show; the radio personality of that show will be held responsible! There are no exceptions to this rule. 


Guests who enter our studio will be required to show a form of ID, fill out a disclaimer agreement and pay a one time guest fee of $10 to the station (fees for select shows may differ). If the guest does not adhere to all our terms, they will not be allowed to air/speak on our station.  Guests include: small business owners, non-for-profit organizations, musical artists, models, actors, directors, podcasters, and public figures. If large companies, or certified celebrities visit our station they are not required to pay the fee.

FluentRadio Public Services:
Song placement on the roster: $60/month 
Commercial placement on the roster: $75/month 

FluentRadio is owned and operated by CEO's Melvin Evans and Sandra Evans. They can be reached by all RP's via personal phone and email at pr.fluentradio889@gmail.com or fluentradio@gmail.com.  

FluentRadio can be found on all social media under "FluentRadio".