MisTa Fluent, Laydie Fluent and R&B legend Carl Thomas at the Entrance Venue after his performance 

Fluent Radio Interviews 

Get an interview to promote your business, music, or cause.  Established in 2019, Fluent Radio has made huge jumps in it's lifetime. Starting it's first show with only 17 listeners FluentRadio has grown to be the most listened to program on the ESM network, peaking at 18,615 listeners. in less than a year.  CEO's "Mis Ta Fluent" and "LaydieFluent",  have now built a new radio station and entertainment agency in the heart of Oak Lawn  named FluentRadio and Boss Fluent Entertainment.  This is where  they have continued to broadcast and provide a platform for others to broadcast.  The FluentRadio station focuses on  music, entrepreneurship and  "the conversations people don't want to have."  

Year end show 2.jpg

MisTa Fluent meeting with hosts at the 2020 year end show at the

FluentRadio Studio in Oak Lawn, IL

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Start your very own radio show on our station. Reach thousands of listeners instantly! Legitimize your brand by streaming live on our platform, work for yourself and make money doing what you love on your time! Email us at to request an application.

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