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MisTa Fluent, Laydie Fluent and R&B legend Carl Thomas at the Entrance Venue after his performance 


Interviews and services

WFLU-DB FluentRadio is a full servicing digital radio station in which we have several different weekly shows that air live on our network. Each host/show have the right to charge and change their interview/guests fees as desired. 

To be interviewed on the station's flagship show "FluentRadio" or get pricing info, etc, please contact the station owners at


To be interviewed on a different show, please reach out to those individual hosts for info. 

Thank you !

Halftone Image of Crowd

*"FluentRadio Live" with CEO, MistaFluent, is now accepting interview bookings

  • A la carte and special promotional packages available.  Just email us and request our promotional packages. 

  • Clients have access to our over 500K listeners and followers!

  • We have several opportunities including live radio interviews on FluentRadio Live which is syndicated in over 25 different digital and FM markets, magazine placement in The MAG magazine, musical rotation, radio commercials and social media and website promo! 

Contact Info

  • To schedule your interview on our flagship show "FluentRadio Live" with station CEO, MistaFluent, email us today!

  • Flexible schedule 

  • Services start at $70 !! 


Interested in getting your own show? Let's Talk.
Start a Show

Start your very own radio show on our station. Reach thousands of listeners instantly! Legitimize your brand by streaming live on our platform, work for yourself and make money doing what you love on your time! Email us at to request an application.

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