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Uniquely Coordinated has the best Entertainment Industry Support/Celebrity Specialists! Relaible, self-sufficient, professionals w/The PASSION TO SUPPORT! Services include: admin, mgmt, promo, PR, consult & event support. 

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Contact "Uniquely Coordinated" for your entertainment needs !

"Imagine The Essence" Fragrances

Meet Mr. Sean Johnson, Owner/ Founder of "Imagine the Essence". Imagine the Essence is a high end fragrance company that produces the highest level of colognes and perfumes (higher quality then a parfume!). Imagine the Essence was established in April 2008 and products are currently sold in over 20 boutiques and stores and is expanding and thriving quickly.  Imagine the Essence represents the consumer that wants to smell great AND wants their perfume or cologne to last for hours. They have luxury renditions of signature fragrances such as Creed, Gucci, Bond #9 and YSL to mention a few. They also have a HOT line of original fragrances designed by Lorde John. Try them out today...They'll have you smelling NEW.

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Shop designer fragrances now!

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Meet our media partner, Mz. Metchi, CEO and founder of "The Blueprint Media Company"

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Be Your Own Kind

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The Be Your Own Kind platform promotes self-love and the building of self-esteem. In a world that fosters monotonousness, our goal is to encourage individuality. The creator, Renita, plans to spread the word of living the life that is conducive to your personal goals and success. Instead of trying to find a lane, it's best to create your own. Please visit to view all of our content. ~ Renita

Renita has joined our BFE and FluentRadio team as a content creator and we are so happy to have her join our team!

Venue GPS

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#1 Digital Promoter in the USA and FluentRadio Partner

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