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Because I have a live Mic

On May 10th, 2020, we welcomed a new show to the FluentRadio platform. Seeing that May 10th is tomorrow, needless to say time flies when you're having fun. We deeply appreciate all of our long time aired shows and hosts for sticking it out with FluentRadio through our first year live in the Oak Lawn studio.

James Bateman and the host of "Because I have a live mic", is a local native with a background and education in radio and media and an avid lover of sports. From baseball, basketball, football and everything in between, every week he is sure to bring you all the latest updates, stats, news and sports gossip from college to the pros.

Today we send thanks to one of FluentRadio's very own for trusting us with your vision and allowing us to deliver your show to the world each and every week. "Because I have a live mic" airs every Sunday afternoon at 12:30PM only on FluentRadio. Make sure you tune in for updates on all of your sports needs.


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