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Happy anniversary Mocha Hotline !!

A year ago we welcomed two vibrant young ladies into the FluentRadio world.

Rhocky and Sammie, two brilliant women from the Southside of Chicago. This dynamic duo came to be known every Saturday as the "Mocha Hotline Girls".

If you happen to be one of the faithful listeners of FluentRadio and tune in every Saturday at 3:30 PM (CST), you will definitely be entertained! From relationship advice, celebrity news and gossip, entertainment headlines to music, Mocha Hotline is where you need to be.

So grab your favorite drink and settle down with the lovely ladies every week. If you would like to be a guest on Mocha Hotline or support their movement, make sure to follow them on social media at IG @ mocha.hotline, @rhocky_am, @Sammie_xxx and remember to tune in every Saturday to at 3:30 PM!

See ya there Mochacchinos !!!

Written by : Laydie Fluent


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