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Your Year End Sunday Reading

Sunday Reading

Wooooooooo child the energy of frustration is so fucking real!

Creating is the energy and has been since Friday’s first quarter moon in Pisces. Create, create, create! Child listen, as fun and uplifting as creating can be and actually is, it is also frustrating making your creative visions come into fruition. Seeing it in your mind’s eye and then using the physical energy to make it come to life is the walk that is NOT so much of a walk over the bridge.

Today’s Cards:

Buddha Divine Wisdom:

Compassion does not see the faults of others. It does not see the weakness of people. It has no ego.

I ask that you be a little or as empathetic with people as much as possible today and this week. You never know just like others do not know what you are pushing through. I share this because although people show up for others sometimes they struggle with showing up for themselves. Creating will have you in your head, heart, and spirit. Inwhich will have you deep in your feelings trying to figure out how to make shit happen. When sometimes all you really need to do is embrace the time away from what you’re creating. To those who are not currently creating I say to you be patient as possible, graceful, and grateful. It is the creators of the world who are bringing forth the things that help you along your path in life.

In order for you to see and comprehend a new view on life you have to open your heart and mind to things o9ld and new. It’s the vision that changes the person's perspective and perception. It is not always about what you see more so about how you see people, places, and things.

Tolerance~ Alright now creators! Let’s cut to the chase! You have to be able to tolerate your own shit if you want others to put up with your bs, no matter what it is that you are facing and growing through. You absolutely should not be expecting other people to put up with what you have going on if you can’t receive you from other people. Yes things can be frustrating asf when you are the one held to such a standard of making a difference in the world. However if it wasn’t for the none creators, YOU my dear wouldn’t have anyone to be creating for. So please humble yourselves and find some time to mix and mingle with others. You never know what inspiration comes bubbling out of others for you to find the missing piece.

Satisfaction~ With a piece of peace comes Satisfaction. Yes the final piece is what really matters to us all in life. However that doesn’t mean that you should carry your frustrations with you or wear them on your sleeve. Frustrations are normal and yours for the taking. But that’s just it, they are yours, not mines, hers, his, and no one else’s. So in simple terms, keep that shit to yourself or find a positive way to release it like through what you are creating. Just do so in a healthy manner so the satisfaction you are seeking will be hearty and heartfelt once you take that step back and observe all that you poured your mind, heart, body, soul, sweat, spirit, emotions, frustration and tears into.

Satisfaction is up for grabs for those who have worked to obtain it and maintain it.

P.S. I wanna see what you created LOL! I’m here to help and encourage

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That’s My Peace


My Life and a little bit of

My Eternal Light.

Your Woman Of Life Mrs Shantay ~;~

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Written By: Mrs. Shantay

Posted By: Laydie Fluent

Happy new Year


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