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Cards Let It Go

Another moment the card speaks for itself! It’s beautiful that these cards are connecting in the ways they are. Knowing you have a voice the matters at the start of your day, then transferring that energy into the courage to STOP ✋🏼 HOLDING THAT SHIT 💩 IN and say what’s on your heart and mind is imperative. In common sense language, Say What The Fuck Needs To Be Said.

In the words of NeNe Leaks, “I said What I said.” The power of releasing what’s inside outside is freeing asf. People don’t realize the trouble that we cause ourselves by holding things in that want to be out, that need to be out, that are supposed to be out, that we’re never meant to be inside in the first place. It’s why it wants to get out. But see, See we think I’m not gone say nothing and then what happens is hurt, pain, ongoing ass emotions and thoughts keep circulating in us. We end up with headaches, stress tf out. Frustrated, taking shit out on people, places, and things that don’t deserve that energy. Causing a ripple effect and transfer of energy from one to the next. Dis~ease like a bitch! So why hold that shit in and hurt yourself!? Let’s think about it this way. When you have to shit you go let it out right!? At least I hope you do. So why hold this verbal, mental, emotional, maybe even traumatic shit inside of your being, it’s toxic waste. Let It Go!

Today we also have an affirmation card which I hope makes this reading a doozy for you.

Today’s Affirmation: Today I Move Forward.

Today I see each obstacle as an opportunity to learn and grow.

If we see the bad shit in life as a learning experience then it becomes a step up in life versus a stand still, or a frozen traumatic experience that usually disrupts us and our lives. Remember you have the power and the choice what will you do with this power and the options you have?

Check Back In for the 🌅 Sun~Set Reading

Written By: Shantay Mckennie "Woman Of Life"

Posted By; Laydie Fluent

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