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Who is Adam Sandler?

Comedian, actor, father and husband...

When it comes to my favorite movie actor, I don’t think twice but to say Adam Sandler. Adam Richard Sandler is an American comedian/actor/filmmaker, husband to Jackie Sandler and father of 2 girls named Sadie and Sunny. Aged 55, born on September 9, 1966 in Brooklyn, NYC. In 1989 Sandler starred in his very first movie, Going Overboard which then allowed him to increase his opportunities in other films. He was found by the comedian Dennis Miller, a cast member from SNL who later brought him onto the show from 1990 to 1995. His role characters such as “Cajun Man” and “Opera Man” made him an instant fan favorite with his performances. He grabbed his audience with his outstanding and hilarious performance. After those years in SNL, Sandler’s opportunities in career acting in comedy movies elevated. Sandler had reached a level of popularity where hundreds of people wanted to see him in films; his humor made him attract his audience. Billy Madison (1995) is one of Adam Sandler’s classic movies, this movie was the foundation for his next upcoming films. It helped him shape up as one of the most prominent comedians. Happy Gilmore (1996), The Waterboy (1998), The Longest Yard (2005), Grown Ups (2010), Grown Ups 2 (2013), were first-rate features that made Adam Sandler the exceptional comedian. However as an actor, critics come along as well and sometimes it’s not the kind you want to hear. His work in the last decade has been listed in worst films. He didn’t let the media/blogs/twitter stop his acting career, he surpassed all those commentators and regained popularity with producing new and funnier films. Sandler has won many Best Actor Category awards as well as Male Star of The Tear & Hollywood Comedy Award. One of his greatest accomplishments is creating Happy Madison Productions, an American Film and Television production company founded in 1999.

Article : "Who is Adam Sandler?" By Tabatha Cedillo

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