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The Solutions Radio Show

Today we are giving homage to another one of our long standing radio shows on FluentRadio, "The Solutions Radio Show" with host Pastor Correy Wright.

"The Solutions Radio Show" made it's debut on FluentRadio on April 28, 2020 as a two hour long inspirational and interactive radio show on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The purpose and objective of the show is provided directly in it's introduction each time as Pastor Correy delivers his opening remarks. "We know what the problems are and we know we need to solve them. What I offer on this platform are solutions, dedicated acts of actions that bring about true change and not just talked about change and no excuses. Excuses are man's tools of incompetence that build bridges of nowhere, monuments of nothing." The Solutions Radio Show was created and designed to bring awareness to problems and issues in our local and extended communities and creates SOLUTIONS and ways to solve these issues and problems.

The Solutions Radio Show is an intimate, faith based and spiritual show that has had strong and powerful guests including community activists Rabbi Michael Ben Yosef, Cassandra Greer, Carolyn J Ruff, Dr. Ameena Matthews (daughter of Leader Jeff Fort), Principal of St. Francis De Sales High School Ms. Roni-Nicole Facen, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr (Son of Black Panther Party Leader Fred Hampton Sr and chairman of Conscience Committee and the Black Panther Party Cubs), Pastor Robert Sams and Evangelist Jamie Andresen-Thompson who has recently rose to be the official co-host of The Solutions Radio Show. You can continue to catch The Solutions Radio Show weekly every Saturday morning from 10am-12pm live on with Pastor Correy Wright and Evangelist Jamie Andresen-Thompson.

FluentRadio appreciates you Pastor Correy and today from the bottom of our hearts, we say "Thank You". Thank you for the continued awareness that you bring to our communities, your generosity, the solutions you offer and your consistency. Congratulations on your growth and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.


Published by Laydie Fluent

CEO and Cofounder of BossFluent Entertainment LLC/ (FluentRadio)

Feb 27, 2021


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