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The Rise of TINI

Tini is one of the most talked-about female reggaeton artists who has made her way up to fame recently in the past years from acting, singing, modeling and dancing. She's done it all. But how exactly did she reach fame let's take a look back in time? Martina Stoessel Muzlera born on March 21,1997 in Buenos Aires, Argentina to her parents Mariana Muzlera and Alejandro Stossel, a television director and producer. Martina showed she was born to become a star from a young age; she was enrolled in private schools studying theater, singing, music, English, and dance.

In 2007 she made her debut on the children's television series Patito Feo where she participated in two roles “Martina” and “Anna”, at just the age of 11. Even though these were minor roles, she showed how talented she was at such a young age.

The year 2012 would mark a landmark in her acting career when at just the age of 15 she achieved the lead role in the popular Disney Telenovela Violetta where she would star as “Violetta”. The Disney telenovela was a success and gained so much popularity in Argentina and multiple Latin and European countries. The telenovela has 3 seasons filled with soundtracks where Martina sang the theme song and was featured on several songs, these soundtracks were a worldwide success. “It's crazy! My life changed so much since I started work on Violetta, but I couldn't be happier,” says Martina in an interview. While being in the telenovela Martina won several awards and certifications (Female Newcomer in Columbia and Mexico, Super Female TV Star, etc), went on several tours with the cast across European and Latin countries, and recorded the Spanish and Italian version of “Let It Go” from the Disney movie Frozen.

The rise of her popularity wouldn't stop there, in the year 2016 after the finale of the telenovela the grand release of Tini: The Movie came out across multiple countries including the US. This movie was the continuation of the telenovela where 4 of the previous actors including Martina replayed their roles from the telenovela Violetta to the movie where it displayed the characters living their adult life. The film was made public in various European and Latin countries adding to her popularity.

Growing up Martina was inspired by several artists, those being Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus who like her started as protagonists appearing on successful Disney series and later starting their music career.

Thanks to the movie, Martina promoted her first solo album under her nickname TINI, the album contained two disks one which was the soundtrack from the movie while the other is her album of both English and Spanish songs. Throughout the years following the first album she has collaborated with several other famous artists such as Greeicy, Karol G, Sebastian Yatra, and more; gaining international popularity worldwide. “Every day I grow more and more and learn from my colleagues. I really found myself in music and it led me to the road where I wanted to go” says Martina. Martina has concentrated on music following many awards and nominations with her biggest hit songs and her vocals. Martina's most recent song is Fantasi, a collaboration with song artist Beéle released on February 17, 2022, the song so far has made Argentina’s Top 100 at 10th place. The songs Mienteme and Bar are her most recent biggest hits and are breaking records. Even though she has deeply devoted herself to her singing career she hasn't given up on her love for acting as of now she has revealed that she will be starring in a Chinese period film The Diary directed by Jackie Chan. With the knowledge of Martina's success throughout her acting and singing career, we know she will keep rising in the music industry and her fourth album will be a success.

Posted By: Laydie Fluent

Written by: Gabriela Miranda

Spring '22

New York H.S. student intern


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