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The female impact on rap

   For a long time the rap game was considered a male dominant sport.  Although there have always been countless talented female artists, sadly not enough of them were given the recognition they deserved.  

     One of the first female collectives known as the “Mercedes Ladies” from the Bronx NY, promoted independence and woman empowerment, but were faced with adversity and discrimination because of their gender.  Originators of female rap “Lady B” and “SHA-Rock” were the first females to release Hip-Hop recordings in the late 70’s.  And by the late 80’s female rappers like Roxanne Shante were determined to show the world that women in rap could not be ignored. Songs such as Mc Lyte’s “Paper Thin” in 1988, and Queen Latifah’s “Ladies First“ ft Monie Love in 1989, changed the dynamic of the female rapper. How they were viewed and their opinions.  

     As rap progressed, female rappers continued to solidify their rightful place in hip-hop history.   In 1998 Lauren Hill’s “Miseducation Of Lauren Hill” brought home 5 Grammy awards, and was the first Hip-Hop album accredited album of the year. 21 years later Cardi B became the first solo female artist to win best rap album with her release entitled “Invasion of Privacy” in 2019. And the proclaimed “Queen of Rap” Nikki Minaj, also broke records as the first female artist to have 100 Billboard Hot 100 entries, more than 100 million records sold worldwide, and was ranked the top selling female artist of the 2010’s. 


 In recent times more and more female artist hit the scene, demanding respect, and proving to be just as influential as their male counterparts.  New age female artist such as Glorilla, Ice Spice, Flo Milli, and Big Latto to name a few, continue to pave the way for upcoming women in the industry.  Women in rap are definitely a force to be reckoned with, and have made an undeniable impact on Hip-Hop culture.

Written by: QNTM KID (Jimmie Bluntz)

Posted by: Laydie Fluent

@Fluentradio on social media


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