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Super producer "Jefe"

November 2020 we welcomed a new member to our FluentRadio family. A hard working, energetic and talented team member by the name of Jeff AKA Jefe. We soon found out that Jeff would soon be know as a Jack of all trades and to this day wears several different hats from writer, rapper, artist, comedian, editor, producer and so much more.

Jeff has produced hundreds of shows within our FluentRadio studio and brings a certain kind of energy, entertainment and confidence to each and every show when he is behind the boards. We strive to provide a certain kind of experience to each of our guests and hosts each and every time they step foot in our studio and Jeff definitely goes the extra mile to make this happen. Jeff is also the host of his very own radio shows on FluentRadio called Demo Radio/Jeff's Place which air

several times a week.

Fast forward a year later we're inviting everyone to celebrate his 1 year anniversary with FluentRadio! We appreciate all that he has done for the brand and look forward to many more experiences and years with him being audio director and producer. Make sure to follow DemoRadio on IG at @demoradionow. If you're an artist and would like to be interviewed on Demoradio, get connected today !


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