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SunDay Reads by Mrs. Shantay

Grand Shining!

Today’s Affirmation is from Soul Manifestation (cause they have the best affirmations on a spiritual aspect):

“I trust Jophiel to guide me on creating more sacredness in my life, including a sacred space in my home. And I ask that she guide me to improve my physical environment to be in alignment with the sacred energetic state I am shifting into at this time.”

Jupiter has officially gone direct! No more backwards ass shifting in order to push us forward. What beliefs and attitudes have you held onto that just make you uncomfortable asf now. What things are just not settling well in your spirit anymore? All of things matter because all that shit that you’ve always felt is backwards asf is officially done and over with and you my dear have the option to push forward in your truest form or remain backwards wondering just why in the hell are things the way they are. The faiths and beliefs that you hold dear and true to you are the things that help the people of this world and your personal world. Not everyone will believe what you do and the way you do but we all have a belief system.

Card 1: 4 Authentic Truth

Your Truth will always fulfill and satisfy. Your truth is unconditional, not one condition has to change for you to live and feel your truth.

My favorite saying when I’m smudging my home after a deep cleanse is, “Elevate your mind, Elevate your life!” This is usually done with a chant or in the rhythm of singing as I sway and flow. What we fail to realize is that there must be a desire for truth and then change in order for anything to shake and move. Once you agree to yourself and listen to your spirit then your truth will naturally unfold. But you must keep listening and obeying as things progress.

Card #2: 44 Expansion

With truth comes light! Travel and move at your space, pace, and divine timing. But whatever and however you move in your spiritual being, please don’t take a moment to stop or hold yourself back unless it is called for to progress forward. As you take heed to YOU your life will flow and move in ultimate ways unimaginable. My favorite saying for this is, “What flows goes with me and my life. If it does NOT flow then it must Go away from my life.”

Top of the deck card #34: Soul Mating

Let’s cut to the chase… Unconditional Fucking Love!

Chemistry between you! How sway Mrs. Shantay!? Honey listen, We all have not one but TWO parts of ourselves that we must manage to live, build and love all day everyday. Now generally spelling soul mating is typically that of one unit and an additional unit, what most people call 1+1=2. Even though in real life 1+1=1 (let's talk about that another time). Today this soul mating is YOU coming to terms with self and the masculine/feminine balance of self within. How can you me or any of us possibly invite or consume another if we are at odds with self? The best thing you can do and should do is mirror the love within yourself that you want to welcome and allow within your actual human life. Mirror the man you want to have, Mirror the love in the woman you want to receive. Project the balance so that you obtain one who is whole within in order to be whole on the outside. Bringing forth yourself wholly and completely brings forth another who also is whole and complete. That’s not to say that neither one of you won’t have things to heal and grow through, it’s to say that you will vibrate and bring about that same or higher vibration in order for the 2(1) of you to vibrate higher.

Bottom of the deck 31: Divine Feminine

This is beautiful especially for our men. You too have a feminine energy, at this day and time in our lives we women and children need you more than ever to be naturally masculine and powerfully protective. But we also need and desire the love and intuitive nature you possess to service so that our homes are more divine and emotionally secure. Expressing your feminie inner~g is not just being emotional. Use that power to be intuitive to what your senses are speaking about to you. Use that feminine power to create better ways and avenues for yourself and your family, for all of humanity’s future. It is you who creates the world we live in. It is you who builds the world we live in. We populate it honey so if you haven’t come to terms with who and what you want to create then you my sir are out here aimlessly creating while we nurture and grow what you have given to us. Now my dear women, it is our natural intense power to be intuitive and to create without any direction or guidance. Yes WE are the receiver and most think we can only nurture what we’ve been given and how that may be true. It is also very true that we can also alter what we have been given to a better state of being. Hence trash to treasure. So use You in the most ultimate ways and be divine as you truly fucking are.

PS Creation is NOT just about having sex, it is about being creative and giving birth to newness all around you and inside of you. Being intuitive is not solely about knowing when he or someone is doing something wrong. It primarily is about listening to yourself when you are not sure what the hell to do or believe. It is inside of you that you seek answers and solutions.

Have a wonderful week

Your 1 N’ Only Woman Of Life ~;~ Mrs. Shantay

Written by: Mrs. Shantay, Woman of life

Public Relations and co-host of FluentRadio

Published by: Laydie Fluent

Sunday October 24, 2021


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