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Sunday Reading by Shantay Mckennie

Sunday Reading

First ~;~ Happy Fuckin Scorpio SzN’!

It is finally time, the true time to come through your transformation! Scorpio is all about transformation, so why not allow yourself to be the transformation you are seeking?

Today’s Cards:

69. Contemplation:

Well for starters 69 is more than just sex. It is balance and how ironic is it that sex is balance as well? Lol. Neither here nor there but it is definitely one of those things that make you go Hmmmm.

Contemplating on what to do, how to do it, who to do it with, is it worth it. What if I do and what if I don’t. Well truth be told you will never know the true answer you are seeking unless you ask the true question from the heart. That usually is the best question and the right question which brings about those magickal answers we assume we have.

Just for a moment of time sit with yourself and just be. Allow every single conversation you have had b e a portal. What that portal consists of is completely up to you/ It’s a portal for the right people, places and things, the right questions and answers to follow through. Most if not all of your answers are found within you.

34. Becoming (Top of the Deck):

Let’s just cut the bullshit out with this one and get right to it. What you are becoming or who you are becoming is already set forth in front of you. All you have to do is open yourself up to be you, who YOU are naturally. You see when we go against self and spirit we go against what is natural and when you go against natural baby the main is so deep and immense asf. Every time you move your foot forward it is a driving force that helps move the other foot along with you. Doesn’t matter if that foot is in good health or bad health. Stop creating and wallowing in your own pain, the pain you created. Take one moment out of your time and day and say it out loud as you are comfortable saying, “I have become who I Am naturally.

58. Beauty (Bottom Of the Deck):

Beauty is her Nammeeee, I hope that when you look at yourself and think of yourself that you know see and feel just how fucking beautiful you really are. This card resonates so much within this reading because it speaks of people going through these transformations in order to be more happier in love with others and they just automatically exclude themselves from the equation. Listen to me closely my honey loves. As beautiful as these surgeons can make a person become. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your appearance. People are going to show up and show tf out no matter what you do and don’t do. You don’t have to change the way you look for others or yourself to accept or even acknowledge wtf you are as a divine being. All you should be doing is changing the way you look at yourself from the inside out and the outside in. Find your purity within who you are and who you signed up to be and that my honey loves is all you need to beam as the divine spirit that you already are, the one who you are transforming and coming into the being of being.

Have a magickal ass last week of October!

That’s My Peace

My Love

My Life and a little bit of

My Eternal Light.

Your Woman Of Life Mrs. Shantay ~;~

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