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40. Colour

Now this card is beautiful I must admit. At first all I saw was the golden heart and how it reminded me of people like myself with hearts of gold and how those hearts of gold typically are abused and misused. Once people no longer have access to these types of hearts they learn to get their shit together. But as usual it pretty much is too late when you mess over someone with a golden heart. I was a bit off center of the meaning of the card by receiving what the message is all about, so I peeked at the book and man oh man. Colors are attracted to us as we are attracted to them. Colors send signals of what type of love, healing, balance, attention and spotlight for lack of better words that we need in our present life. When we choose the color that chooses us it increases the vibration of the message we are sending to the world about ourselves. Now I’m not going to say that colors are good or bad because to me color in general is beautiful even the blank white itself. It gives us the ability to create from. I recently learned this interesting technique and I want to share it with you all (because I keep looking at this card and that heart lol Instead of just the routine breathing in and out. I want you to imagine your breath a color and breathe in through the front of yourself and your heart's center. Then exhale through your back heart center either that same color or another color. Whichever your mind, heart, body, soul, and spirit agree on and then document how that experience was for you. I know it was more than just powerful for me. With 4 being a number of foundations, What is the state of your emotional foundation?

I dare you and encourage you to study yourself for a week at the least and keep track of the colors you choose that are choosing you. Then write how those colors aid in your feelings and vibrations internally and externally.

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Written by: Mrs. Shantay "Woman of Life"

Posted by: Laydie Fluent


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