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Odell Beckham in a Snippet

Odell Beckham Jr (OBJ) is a football player currently playing for the Los Angeles Rams as a Wide Receiver. He used to play for the Cleveland Browns and Louisiana State University. But the place where he became the person who he is now is the New York Giants. In the 2014 NFL draft he was the first round 12th pick for the NY Giants. The moment where he was brought to the spotlight by the media was that iconic one hand catch. The quarterback threw the ball deep to OBJ while he had pressure from defense but somehow he caught it with one hand, landed in the end zone, and scored the touchdown. That’ll forever be remembered by any football fan with the incredible catch. That famous catch also became the cover picture for Madden 16 which isn’t a simple task. Only the best of the best athletes are recognized to be put on that cover. But ever since his trade from NY Giants to Cleveland Brown it hadn’t been great. His Cleveland Brown career wasn’t something that he was proud of. There were many losses within that team which he believed they could’ve won. He started to have issues with Baker Mayfield (Quarterback) in his capabilities in trying to give OBJ the ball for them to win. Later Cleveland Brown released OBJ from the team but the LA Rams acquired him for a one year deal in 2021. Within the year of him joining the team, Rams made it to the Super bowl with him, in which they won the Super bowl. This was his first ever Championship he won since being drafted to the NFL.

Posted By: Laydie Fluent

Written by: Mk ( New York City H.S. BossFluent Intern / Fall '21)

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