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"Naturally Norka" Turns 1 !

Spring 2020, April 11th to be exact, we welcomed a new show and host to the FluentRadio team. Her name was Norka and the new show was brilliantly named, " Naturally Norka ". Little did I know, I was soon going to be introduced to a slew of WEALTH. Not monetary wealth but that wealth you can only get from an experienced soul with a pure heart. The "Naurally Norka" show is full of herbal remedies including tinctures, herbs, teas etc to help treat just about any type of illness dealing with the mind, body and soul. She brings an entire package including a little pinch of love and magic from The Ancestors.

Although Norka is not a doctor and always suggests at the beginning of every show to check with a medical doctor before trying any suggestions that she provides, she has been in the medical field for years and is a certified pharmacy technician, alchemist and teacher. She is the epitome of a natural healer although also provides info to those who may be on prescribed medications, on how to safely administer those drugs. We are proud to have Norka be part of the FluentRadio family and wish her many more years of success and an added abundance knowledge. Today we are taking the time out to say Thank you and Happy 1st year Fluentbirthday !

Be sure to follow her on all social media at :

IG @naturally_norka_fluentradio and @naturally_norka

FB @ Norka CPht and Naturally Norka

LinkedIn @ Norka Arrington Johnson

Mark your calendars because "Naturally Norka" can now be found at a new time on FluentRadio. Saturday mornings at 11AM (cst).

Published by : Laydie Fluent


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