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What is the go-to song that motivates you? Or Cheer You Up? Or help you to Turn Up? Believe it or not, subconsciously, our favorite tunes help us get through our day-to-day routines, resurrect nostalgia, or daydream about a new or old lover. Over the years, studies have discovered musical melodies or lyrics can evoke emotions or even help people heal from them.

The Origin of Music Therapy

As early as the 18th century, music therapy experimentation and research began. "By the mid-1940s, music therapy curricula had been established at Michigan State College (1944), the University of Kansas (1946), the College of the Pacific (1947), The Chicago Musical College (1948), and Alverno College (1948). Furthermore, several music organizations demonstrated increasing interest in using music as a form of therapy." ( The discovery of music therapy helped catapult the creation of The Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), which educates "musicians, physicians, psychiatrists, and others in the ways that therapeutic music could be effectively used in schools and hospitals." (

Over time, music therapy has become popular, and many institutions are implementing music therapy to reduce the effects of PTSD in soldiers or decrease pain in hospital patients. Psychiatrists practice this type of therapy to lessen anxiety, lower blood pressure, and relieve tension. In addition, music therapy helps to improve cognitive skills such as a boost in confidence, causing an upheaval in positive thinking and improving concentration.

Implementation of Music Therapy

Although professionals would recommend locating a music therapy professional, we, the people, can create personal sessions to calm the mind or achieve that desired energy.

Some ways to personally obtain peacefulness or mindfulness from music therapy is to:

  • Find a mindfulness playlist on Spotify. On Spotify, type "mood" in the search bar, and it will provide options of a playlist to match your desired mood.

  • Search mindfulness music on Youtube. There are a plethora of Youtube channels that aid in peacefulness and meditation.

  • Create a personal playlist of songs that aid in encouragement and lift energy vibrations.

Music always gets the job done, whether a person requires a "pick me up" or wants to calm nerves. Thankfully, music is an easy and cost-effective method to help improve a bad day, season, or episode.

Posted by : Laydie Fluent

Written by : Renita Betts CEO and Founder

of "Be Your Own Kind" Podcast

IG: @Be_yourownkind

FB: @burownkind

Twitter: @beyourownkind24


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