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Mrs. Shantay's SunDay reading.

Sunday Reading

I challenge you to release all of the people, places, and things that are holding you hostage. That are keeping you from taking that one step forward that you so desperately desire to take in and on your journey.

That includes you, you are your own kidnapper.

Are you ready? Have you allowed yourself to be honest about what’s no longer working for and with your higher purpose? If you haven't’ then now is the time to do so with pure intentions of letting go!

Today’s Cards:

6 of Wands~ There’s room for you to grow and all that you have pushing to grow through is here! You have grown even if it’s a fifth of an inch! We tell people to enjoy the process and it is a process. Child, it's the process that’s beating our ass! Fuck this process bullshit, sometimes it’s so much easier to just focus on the goal! Focusing on the goal helps us not focus on how bad the process can and truly will make us feel less than, or incapable of. This card is here to tell you, to show you that honey love, you did more than just grow through this process, You bloomed! You bloomed so much you’re making others bloom too! So whatever and however you are tending to your process, your growth and nurturing. Keep Doing It! People are watching you if you aren’t watching yourself so don’t give up. Don’t throw in the towel and damn sure don’t snatch up the roots of the plant. You’ve arrived and it’s time to give yourself a break and enjoy your flowers.

Let that sun shine down on you.

Now with all greatness and leveling up there comes more challenges and a new level of growth you must be ready to embark on.

7 of Wands~ First let me just say this for you… Awww man fuck this shit! I’m tired of pushing and being strong!” Hell yeah we all always feel like this when we are happy we made it only to realize there is another challenge that lies in wait. It’s like damn can a sis get a break and breathe a lil bit damn?! Well yeah sis/bro you had your break when you won, when you achieved your goal. When you got to this level. Don’t forget the pain you grew from to get here. Ask yourself where else do you want to go? When do you want to arrive again? Who is meant to go and who is not meant to go? All of these things matter because truth be told your circle is your strength. If your circle is not helping you stand strong and build you up then honey you need a new circle or some healing to take place immediately. All this is relevant because the 7 of wands needs you to know that you have what it takes to get through to the other side. You signed up for this, you agreed to do this and even if you don't feel like you did. Then you better believe that the higher powers that be saw fit and blessed you right on time. So whatever you do and however you choose to go about doing it, Believe in you! Believe in your ability, your strength to grow through this and all that lies ahead.

Your wand was meant for this particular magickal spell.

That’s My Peace

My Love

My Life and a little bit of

My Eternal Light.

Your Woman of Life Mrs. Shantay ~;~

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Written by: Shantay McKennie

Published by: Laydie Fluent


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