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Meet our local media partner "The BluePrint Media Company".

The Blueprint Media Company is the premier group for promotion, media and event management. They partner with entrepreneurs, artists and small businesses to help them gain exposure for their brands and increase revenue for their respective entities.

They are home to #TheBluePrintLive, #CorporateChronicles and MzMetchi: #OneonOne. Catch their programming on The BluePrint Media Company's YouTube Channel.

The BluePrint Media Company offers several services such as;

1. Marketing evaluation of your business: Full evaluation of all social media accounts, websites and mechanisms used to market your business. This evaluation will help you to identify ways to expand your reach and gain exposure for your business.

2. Marketing schedule creation for your business: Marketing schedule created exclusively for your business by The BluePrint Media Company to help you gain exposure and generate feedback from prospective clients.

3. Business Consultation: The BluePrint Media Company will help you with the beginning steps to start your business and analyze how to maximize your visibility and revenue in all sectors.

4. Event Hosting: Have The BluePrint Media Company CEO, MzMetchi, come out and host your special event!!

5. Speaking Engagements: Have MzMetchi of The BluePrint Media Company speak at your event.

6. Event Management and Coordination: The BluePrint Media Team would be in charge of coordination and vendor management for your event. They will handle all entities for your event from start to finish.

7. Advertising Packages: The BluePrint Media Company offers several packages for business owners, entrepreneurs and artists. MzMetchi's packages range from posting about your product/business on #TheBluePrintLive and on all of her social media platforms including her stories, to audio and/or visual commercials that air weekly on #TheBluePrintLive . Competitive rates are available.

8. Live Interviews: 15-30 minute live interviews on #TheBluePrintLive show with MzMetchi. Includes flyer, interview and promotion for one week leading up to your appearance on the show. If you're an artist, you can also have your music played live during the show and have on air promo and social media promo throughout the week on all soclal media platforms associated with The BluePrint Media Company.

9. Voice over work: Have MzMetchi record a voice over for your project, commercial or video.

10. Brand Ambassador: Have MzMetchi be a brand ambassador for your business or project.

Book The BluePrint Media Company or MzMetchi today !!!

Meet the CEO of The BluePrint Media Company MzMetchi!! MzMetchi is a media personality, content creator, event specialist and professional brand ambassador who partners with small businesses and local music artists to help better market and promote their brands. During her time in radio, she founded The BluePrint Media Company where she offers marketing and promotion through media, consulting and event management. MzMetchi also launched her own line of signature eye wear in 2020 called "Lavish Looks" by MzMetchi with over 20 different designs of sunglasses and shades. You can visit her online store to make a purchase today!

MzMetchi and The BluePrint Media Company can be reached via email at: or

Or visit them online now at or


Published by Laydie Fluent, CEO of FluentRadio and BossFluent Entertainment LLC

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