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"Imagine the Essence" ~ A Valued FluentRadio Partner

FluentRadio acknowledges that STRONG partnerships are valuable and required in order to succeed in business. With that being said, we are extending a HUGE thank you and shout-out to CEO, owner and founder of "Imagine the Essence", Mr. Sean Johnson. "Imagine the Essence" joined forced with FluentRadio the summer of 2020 and we have been collaborating on future projects ever since. Stay tuned because we have so much in store.

Please visit them online at .


"Imagine the Essence" is the home to hundreds of unique custom collections and luxury renditions of "pourfume" scents. Imagine the essence is redefining the fragrance world as you know it! This signature collection of scents is progressive, innovative, affordable and influential. These designs will take you to a new level of quality, class and aroma.

Expanding as what began with eau de toilette, perfume and parfume has emerged into a delightful next level of quality and design. The "pourfume" fragrances offered by Imagine the Essence are the highest level of quality oils, providing a long lasting scent that lasts throughout the day. Please go online a make your purchase today and when you're asked "What are you wearing?", make sure you tell them "Imagine the Essence!". The next level of affordability, excellence in quality, and long lasting SCENTsationalism!!


FRAGRANCES; Essential oils that take the bodies natural pheromones thus creating a unique intoxicating fragrance on each individual.

BODY LOTION & SHOWER GELS; Colognes, perfumes and body oils that are made with better ingredients and quality that will last on your body throughout the day.

INCENSE; Imagine the Essence incense are hand dipped and made to create an aromatic scent when burned that release a variety of oil scents to soothe the senses and overcome any bad smells. Incense products are hand dipped and packaged and burned exactly as they smell due to the quality of oils used to make them.

CAR SPRAYS; Imagine the Essence car sprays and room deodorizers come in a variety of fragrances. Just imagine them transforming your room or car into an aromatic oasis. These deodorizers will gently take over any room and elicit a long lasting aroma that makes any room one you want to be in. Sprays are made of the finest ingredients and their large variety of scents will make it difficult for you to choose your favorite. Prepare to be taken away with just one spray.

The "Imagine the Essence" collection is located in the following stores:

DRESS CODE (6) locations in Chicago 11612 S, Marshfield, 205 W 87th St, 850 W 63rd St, 9242 Stony Island Ave, 4737 S Ashland and 207 E 47th St.

THE SHOP at 107 at 7225 S Stony Island Chicago, IL 60649.

DA CLOSET at 4139 W 167th St Country Club Hills, IL 60478.

THE SILVER ROOM at 1506 E 53rd St Chicago, IL 60615.

FRESH IMAGE 3061 W 159th St Markham, IL 60428.

BRONZVILLE BOUTIQUE at 4259 S King Dr Chicago, IL 60653.

THE LOOK at 96 River Oaks Center Drive Calumet City, IL 60409.

J-BEES at 226 E 47th St Chicago, IL 60653

Swap O Rama Flea Market in Alsip, IL.

Contact :708-369-0303 (All major credit cards accepted online)

Owner, founder and CEO Sean Johnson

Published by FluentRadio Management 2021


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