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Illinois Vintage Fest

A Local Hidden Treasure

Illinois is home to a number of festivals, concerts and special events throughout the year. All with their own theme vibe and following. One festival that I enjoy most is the Illinois vintage fest or IVF, if you know you know. The Illinois vintage festival features collectibles and rare curated clothing from the past and present. This is not your usual stroll through the local thrift store. IVF has become a venue where independent vendors can come together to showcase/sell their products and or collections. What started as a humble garage sale has become one of the most prestigious anticipated events in Illinois.

I’m sure we all have memories of being dragged through thrift stores with our parents or grandparents wondering why we were there and anxious to leave. As adults many have found themselves in the same thrift stores, yet for totally different reasons. Who can forget Macklemore’s hit song “Thrift store”, in which he rapped about shopping in thrift stores, and finding unusual items, and even clothes for a low price. Well, there’s another side to thrifting many may not be aware of. If you know, you know. Thrifting for some is more of a treasure hunt. So many items forgotten about and tossed aside still have value, some even priceless because of their rarity.

The great people that organize and facilitate these events gather the top vendors and bring them all together to give the general public a glimpse of this hobby turned lifestyle. You can find anything from a classic Harley Davidson tee to vintage sports jerseys, or even childhood toys you haven’t seen around in years. Most vendors focus on items and clothing from the 90’s and pop culture. While others use IVF as an opportunity to introduce their own brand to the world.

If you’re interested in attending an upcoming event or if you’re a vendor interested in joining the festival look IVF up on INSTAGRAM @illinoisvintagefest. They usually have events every few months so if you missed the last one there’s always another coming soon. The Illinois Vintage Fest in an experience like none other. You never know what you’ll find there. I look forward to attending more of their events in the future and I’m excited about new treasures waiting to be discovered. Who knows, maybe I will see you at the next one.

Written By: JB Jones

Illinois Media School Student &

BossFluent Entertainment Intern and Team Member

Posted By: Laydie Fluent


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