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Hip Hop Recall Vol 3

Hip hop has changed tremendously over the past decade, leaving many rap enthusiasts wondering if hip hop as they know it still exists. With every waking day a new artist arises, each one more unfamiliar than the next. Needless to say, the HIP-HOP RECALL VOLUME III, was a breath of fresh air to many in search of the hip hop they grew to love. On December 17th 2022, Yung Joc, Project Pat, and Tripple Darkness took the stage of the Piazza in Aurora IL, determined to remind those in attendance that they are still very relevant, and just as impactful as they were nearly 10 years ago.

It was a cold December night in Illinois, as fans traveled from far and wide to witness what some considered to be the best live show of the year! Tickets sold out, and the Piazza was packed wall to wall. Aside from the well known artists set to take the stage, upcoming artist such as MKTP and FluentRadio's own JAIV Ru, to name a few, also showcased their talents that night.

One after another, new artists arose to introduce their sound to the world. Each one unique in their own way, bringing a new perspective to the art form known to most as HIP-HOP. For some this was their debut, while others were more commonly known. The crowd listened attentively to the rising stars as they performed their best works, with hopes of leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

It was a little after midnight, when Tripple Darkness hit the stage with electrifying energy. Performing hits like “Darkness” and many others from their catalog, “TD” reminded everyone in the building why they are unquestionably HIP-HOP legends. Over the years they have collaborated with many other artist, such as “Twista”, and “Crucial Conflict” to deliver an original style that set them apart from all their peers.

“Anywhere you meet me guaranteed it’s goin down”, Yung Joc sang as the crowd sang along. Ladies rushed the stage for an up close look at the Atlanta rapper, whose presence needed no introduction. Fan or not, it was virtually impossible to resist doing his dance. With hit after hit, Joc made it known that he is, and forever will be apart of Hip-Hop history.

Just when it seemed the show couldn’t get any better, MISTA DONT PLAY stepped up to deliver an unforgettable performance. Project Pat, older brother of “Three 6 mafias” Juicy J, rose to stardom in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. With over 20 years of experience, Pat is no stranger to the spotlight. Performing popular songs such as “Chicken Head” “SIPPIN ON SOME SYRUP” and “Slob on my knob” Project Pat fans were excited to see their favorite Memphis rapper still thriving.

As the world changes, it is certain that something new is always to come. For many it may be difficult to keep up with the ever changing wave of music. Thankfully events like HIP-HOP RECALL VOLUME III bring a sense of familiarity to such a capricious industry

Written by: James "Jimi Bluntz" Jones

Host of: To The Sky Radio

IG : _to_thesky_

Airs every Monday night on FluentRadio at 9:40pm

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