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Happy Mother's Day

Today we here at FluentRadio, would love to acknowledge all of the Mommies all over the world. From new moms, to grandmothers, step mothers, mother in laws and those here and lost, we sincerely thank you.

There is no way we can really explain how much mother's affect our lives from the time that we are born and even way into the afterlife. Mothers are our first teachers, protectors and care givers. From painstaking pregnancies and deliveries, to waking up and caring for us all night when we are sick, endure our many mistakes growing up and picking us back up when we fall.

Thank your mom today, hug her and tell her you love her because we only have one. For those of us who have lost our mom's, take the time out to pay tribute to her and to all those mommies out there and second moms such as aunts, sisters and godmothers, WE APPRECIATE YOU!

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