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Special thanks to our originating shows!! You are appreciated!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021



As we're nearing our station's first year anniversary in our Oak Lawn Studio, we'd like to give special thanks to the two shows who started off and stuck with FluentRadio since day # 1.

"The DMZ" (Demilitarized Zone) with host Delmonaco and co-host Desiree airs live on FluentRadio every Sunday at 11am. "The Live Show" with host John Craft Jr., airs live on FluentRadio every Thursday at 2pm.

"The DMZ" was designed to inspire conversations regarding local and national politics as well as moral and ethical issues surrounding politics within our communites. You may also catch some convo surrounding current trending topics and pop culture. Recently permanent co-host, Desiree, has been added to The DMZ's lineup every Sunday and has helped transform this show to the most entertaining political hour in our weekly lineup and in the Chicagoland area! "The DMZ" aired live for the first time on FluentRadio in February 2020 and has been full speed ever since. Make you sure you tune in every week for all up to date info, don't get left behind. Remember "The DMZ" airs every Sunday at 11:00 am on Follow the DMZ on facebook at "COTUS" , online at or on youtube at "THEDMZPODCAST" .




"The Live Show" is the best online game show platform in town! Host John Craft Jr. AKA The Live one, has been airing live on FluentRadio since February 2020 and has been on fire since day #1! This is our only interactive live game show on our station and has a wide range audience! The best thing about this show, is that the online audience is/are the contestants. The show starts off with a wind up of current events and then halfway through "The Live One" pulls out the keys and opens up "THE MIND GYM" . This is where all the competitiveness comes out. Listeners are asked a slew of questions and race to be the first to answer with the correct response. Make sure to follow "The Live Show's" host and catch all live shows by logging into and don't forget to Press Play. Again this fun and interactive game show airs every Thursday afternoon on FluentRadio at 2PM.

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