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FluentRadio is Syndicated!!!!!

FluentRadio is now syndicated !!

Shout out to our sister station in Philadelphia, Philly Jamz 95.3FM for linking with us and collaborating on our shows. We will be having our first remote show and host premier on FluentRadio this upcoming Tuesday January 26th at 5PM! Her name is Tasha "Lil' Queen" Poindexter and she will be airing every week with "The turn up" show on Tuesday afternoons. The FluentRadio show with station owners MisTaFluent and Myself and co-host Shantay McKennie will soon be airing on Philly Jamz on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 4:00PM to 5:00PM(Eastern Time) / 3:00PM to 4:00PM (Central Time). Check out Philly Jamz 's blog posted below with more info on this exciting announcement. Posted by Philly Jamz (January 2021) Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia join to help Indie Artists Fluent Radio (Chicago), Power 108.9 (Atlanta), & Philly Jamz 95.3 (Philadelphia) will be syndicating their shows to give the Indie Artist more exposure- Each Station is considered a Black Owned Business aimed at giving a voice to the people in their own respective cities. The Independent lane for Artists Music has seemed to dry up, if there was any consistent outlet for them at all. Now add the pandemic Covid-19 to the mix and it became very hard to expose, network, & promote Independent Art. So the 3 cities Chicago, Atlanta, & Philadelphia came together to blend their programming to allow all platforms to give voices back to the community and the creative artists that live in the area. Chicago’s FluentRadio focuses with Interviews Established in 2019, FluentRadio has made huge jumps in it’s lifetime. Starting itheir first show with only 17 listeners, FluentRadio has grown to be the most listened to program on the ESM network, peaking at 18,615 listeners in less than a year. CEO’s “Mis Ta Fluent” and “LaydieFluent”, have now built a new radio station and entertainment agency in the heart of Oak Lawn, IL named FluentRadio and Boss Fluent Entertainment. This is where they have continued to broadcast and provide a platform for others to broadcast. The FluentRadio station focuses on music, entrepreneurship and “the conversations people don’t want to have.” Atlanta’s Power 108.9 focuses with Talk Radio Power 108.9 is the Station for the People! It is the most eclectic, versatile and diverse internet radio station on air, currently reaching over 90k monthly listeners. We have built an unbreakable bond with our community of supporters, and have consistently raised the bar for internet radio since our initial launch in April 2018 Philadelphia’s Jamz 95.3 focuses on Music/Indie Artist Since 2016 Philly Jamz 95.3 has been the avenue of the Independent Artist to gain exposure, an have their music heard in the Delaware Valley. Set up to be a networking site for all Artist, Producers, DJ’s, Singers, and Poets to have a safe place to be able to perform or have their work showcased on our station. 2021 and beyond Philly Jamz is a full service platform for the Indie Artist in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, an Delaware areas compensating those who are registered. Atlanta based station Power 108.9 will kickoff the start of the syndication this Monday Jan 18, 2021 becoming Jamz 95.3FM. New Morning Show with Michael and Jae Nash Monday thru Friday 8am-9am. In return for the morning show broadcasting in Philly, Jamz 95.3fm will broadcast The Turn Up Show w/Tasha Lil Queen & Who Got Next Radio w/Jay Woo in Atlanta (dates are still being worked out) The same is happening with Chicago based station Fluent Radio first syndicating The Turn UP Show w/Tasha Lil Queen (dates are still being worked out) from Philadelphia to Chicago and in return some Chicago shows will air in Philly. “This is a small serving size of what we are trying to do as a platform, artist are usually lied to, stolen from, or just not given access. With the help from Chicago & Atlanta we hope to open up more avenues for more creative voices to be heard.” End Quote Jay Woo Host of Who Got Next Radio by Philly Jamz 95.3Fm Press

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