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Celebrating #ASCCatherine on FluentRadio !!

As we embark on yet another warm spring day in Chicago, we can not end the night until we celebrate the Fluentversary of another one of the awesome shows on our platform! On June 13th, 2020, in the midst of the infamous Covid-19 pandemic, the "Career Tips & Topics" radio show was launched. Hosted by mentor, speaker, educator, coach, author and entrepreneur, Ms. Catherine McNeil, this show was jammed packed with so much insightful and meaningful information such as advice for the workplace, resume tips, interview advice, workshops and so much more!

During a brief hiatus in December 2020, Catherine decided to revamp and rebrand her show and announced the introduction of a new and improved radio show called "Let's Chat! w/ASK Cat!", where the conversations range into further subjects including parenting advice, navigating business ownership, breaking generation curses and the list goes on and on. You can catch this show live on FluentRadio ( every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 2pm.

Catherine is also the founder and owner of CHBM Services and the non-profit 501c3 organization #Disruptive Inc, who's mission is to reduce poverty among single parents between the ages of 18-40 by providing support via career development and related resources.

To support her non profit, donate and see what's coming up next, visit her online at and to purchase books, apparel and affirmation cards visit her other site at .

Today we'd like to say THANK YOU AND HAPPY FLUENTVERSARY Catherine!

You are appreciated !

~Laydie Fluent (Owner FluentRadio)

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