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"Be Kind To Yourself, You Deserve It"

Woman Of Life

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Sunday Jan 16, 2022


Be Kind to Yourself. You Deserve It!

You Are Capable Of Amazing Things

First let me say, “I Love You Always!”

Hopefully you had a very chill yet positive filled Sunday. If you didn’t I’m giving you a big hug right now cause don’t we all know how frustrating life can be sometimes. However I know you’ve heard this all before, but please don’t beat yourself up about it. There is more than enough stuff going on in the world around us. There is no need and should be no desire to add to it in any form, shape, or fashion. What I do want you to do is recount the ways that you made the best out of each moment. How you kept yourself peaceful on the inside without allowing boundaries to be crossed on the outside. Pat yourself on the back for handling things the best way they could’ve been handled with the resources available. Tell yourself truthfully that you did that shit Bro, You rocked that shit Sis! You shared your Black Power Magick, Magick Overall, so effervescently that others are astonished at how you made that shit happen. Cause truth be told shit can be and usually is way more fucked up then we care to admit. So stop and think for one split second with me. If you can make shit look good then I know damn well you can make yourself feel good for making that shit look good. Yup read it again just a little bit slower. Now deep inhale, and slow peaceful exhale with a smile spreading across your face.

PS: Everyday you are making amazing things unfold and don’t forget to enjoy your personal nightcap shower and if you have a loved one to share your rest with then make sure you cuddle up and share that loving energy with them and they do the same with you.

Rest Well,

Mrs. Shantay,

Your Woman of Life

Posted by: Laydie Fluent


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