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Are you a survivor or a warrior?

Are you a Survivor or a Warrior?


Our moms did what she could with all she did not have. She was a sorcerer in our adolescent mind; how could she repeatedly turn nothing into something. How were we deficient all year round except for birthdays and Christmas. She made it happen so much that we felt we automatically inherited this magic when we became adults, and we did.


The beauty of struggling is knowing that you possess the power to still make things happen. It means your faith is anchored in God, knowing that his specialty is coming through in the clutch. However, what happens when the wilderness is no longer, and your goals are being reached? What happens when you still have your survivalist hat on when the war is over?


Most of us have reached or nearing our version of Disney World, still carrying a World War mindset. This means we may still be pushing things away, make-shifting ourselves through life, and praying wilderness prayers. Over time we were blessed with support systems and can not receive them due to past trust issues. Or we have entered the career we worked for, waiting for it to slip out of our hands. Or the thought that every good thing will result in something unfortunate is engraved in our minds.   


The truth is life is always life-ing; however, our mindset always makes the difference. If you have been in survivalist mode most of your life, this passage is for you. Here are some tips for transitioning from a survivor mindset to a warrior mindset.


What's the Difference between a Survivor and a Warrior?      


Although both a warrior and survivalist have persevered through the pain, the drought, or obstacles, their meanings have a hairline difference. As a survivalist, a person is constantly in attack mode and acting on instinct for what may take place in the future. Whereas a warrior uses the evidence from past experiences to build sustaining defenses for what may occur in the future. Both are strategic; however, the warrior is more confident, affording them the luxury of only sometimes being on the defense.


If a person is consistently in survival mode, they are missing out on life. It is hard to enjoy anything if you are always on defense. It is hard to accept opportunities if assuming all good things will eventually burn in flames. With a warrior mindset, comes stronger discernment and sustaining of boundaries to add security when needed.


Pick and Choose your Battles. 


Everything does not have to be dealt with. If everything is a battle, that would mean that life is a constant battle. If that is to be accurate, then where will peace fit in? Most of our emergencies are not even our emergencies. Yes, you read that correctly. Survivalist mindsets are so used to chaos that they welcome disorder that has nothing to do with them. This mindset may find itself staying up at night attempting to solve the problems of others or relating other people's situations to theirs.


The famous serenity prayer indicates changing what we can and accepting what we cannot change. If we choose every battle, we are attempting to change both things we have the power to change and not change. A warrior mindset case the situation to decipher what can be done in the scenario and work on the workable things. Most problems in our lives don't require action; they require patience. Patience that things will work out and having trust in the process.


Gathering the Evidence


One distinct difference between a survivor and a warrior mindset is confidence from past evidence. Because being in survivor mode consists of constant energy, the survivalist needs more time to reflect on past evidence of things working out. A warrior mindset gathers the evidence and conjures confidence in having victory at the end of an adverse event. We must remember that just because measures are put in place, we still won't be hurt. For example, deciding to enter a relationship won't save you from possible heartbreak; however, the evidence of surviving a former heartache is evidence that your heart will heal.


Gaining confidence from surviving past experiences will sharpen faith and boundaries. If a person crosses you a certain way, you will become confident that the result will be different if it happens again. Defense mechanisms are subconsciously placed in our minds; however, when kept in the forefront, we can differentiate when they need to be utilized. If you are in constant attack mode on everyone and every situation, you can not discern an opportunity from a threat.




There is little breathing going on when lacking the ability to choose battles and learn from past experiences. If you are in constant struggle, you are mentally suffocating, sis! So come out and catch some fresh air; it awaits you. Even if the battle is with yourself, I still need you to come up for air.


This breathing period gives you the time to step out of battle, take some time to see the good happening around you, and open up to gratitude. Sometimes the bravest thing a person can do is nothing. It takes courage to go with the flow and trust things will work out without you making an effort. This period may help you to see the uncontrollable things you're trying to control are controlling you. It's controlling your thoughts and every move and may be the very thing feeding your survivalist mindset.


Here is a secret. You have survived. As a matter of fact, you have survived several things. You are already a warrior. The mind sometimes needs to catch up with reality. But you have made it and will make it again because that is your magic. Your Superpower. With this fact alone, you can now breathe. Know that you are exactly where you need to be, and rest on the evidence that God will never forsake or leave you. It will be ok. It's time to start looking for the next best thing around the corner. The survivalist is sure to win the battle; however, the warrior knows the war has already been won.


Posted by : Laydie Fluent CEO of BossFluent Ent, WFLU-DB FluentRadio and The Mag Magazine

Written by : Renita Quirls CEO of

Be Your Own Kind Podcast on Fluentradio

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