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Here you will be able to find out who's currently hiring,  view and support our highted businesses of the month & browse upcoming community and charitable events... All in our very own backyards...because.... Everything listed here is LOCAL!

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The Nightcap Bar & Tavern located on 11th and Taylor Street is hiring for bus boys, sous chef and hostess.

Hannah's Sweet Treats bakery  located on 103rd and Wood in Beverly is hiring for cashiers and stockers. 

Pinksugga Etiquette&Decorum located on 18th and Blue Island is hiring for receptionist and stockers. 

The owner of the locations above is also hiring for a Personal Assistant to maintain daily schedules and events, complete business errands such as bank deposits runs, shipment drops and pick ups , etc. 

Please email resumes to :

Non Profit of the month

Meet the Founder and CEO of Disruptive INC.


Catherine McNeil BBA, MA

IO Psychologist | Career Development Consultant | Social Enterprise Founder | Published Indy - Author

"As Single Mother's we have highs and lows but we mostly overcome!"

#Follow #ASCCatherine pronounced "ASK Catherine" to find out more!

#Connect to see how she accomplishes and continues to overcome obstacles of her own as a parent of THREE.

Mission Statement: Reducing poverty among single parents between the ages of 18-40 by providing support via career development and related resources.